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Spring/Summer 2013:
On her way on the Mount Everest, the Swiss adventure and extreme mountain climber
velyn Binsack bears chili-feet and states:
“if it is “outside” cold, it should be “inside” warm – chili-feet heat my feet, no matter where I am going


The mountain guide J.C. from S. sent us the following message at February 1st, 2017:
Dear chili-feet Team
I’d like to give a little feedback on your sole. Being mountain guide I am often travelling outside in a cold environment. When I am on the way with a too thin shoe for the expected, then the sole supported me superbly. Like last autumn, when I was standing on the Kilimanjaro with a Trail-Running Shoe. Also the reactions from my colleagues are good. As possible improvement I suggest to form an anatomic foot-bed, as the sole sometimes tends to slip a little bit. But in any cases a heartily thank from the freshly snowed Davos. Greetings J.C.

Miss P. S. from R. wrote us in spring 2015:
I accidently discovered the chili-feet via Internet. The delivery service was fast and uncomplicated. I wear the insole now already the third winter. I am working often outside in the fresh air. Cold feed was a daily occurrence. Since I am wearing chili-feet in the shoes, this is definitely over. The warmth is well absorbed, as soon one is moving. The insole has additionally a cushioning effect and is comfortable to be worn. I only can recommend this product.

In Winter 2015 Miss B. St. from V. was in the Himalayas as trekking guide:
On my tour I had the chili-feet insole 5mm and they proved themselves, as I had no cold feet anymore. Even at the monastery celebration, when one is for hours standing in a dense crowd between all the spectators, I got used to move my toes and move at place and the feet were kept conveniently warm.

A.T. from S. wrote in Winter 2015:
The chili-feet are suitable very well for Outdoor-Activities at low temperatures. It’s a pity, that they were not invented earlier. I would have loved them at my job as a greengrocer and at my staying in Alaska years ago ….

D.S. from S. wrote us in 2015:
The chili-feet insoles make really the difference. They are functioning, but only when one is walking. With the 5mm chili-feet I sometimes have the feeling that it is so warm, that I sweat, whenever the sole is in the shoe…….

D. K. as plumber and worker informed us in 2015:
As I am often working outside in the cold, I always had the problem, that my feet were not comfortable warm. I was very surprised, what influence the chili-feet had. The feet are feeling very conveniently warm.

M. W. as Engineer reported to us in 2015:
I have tested the insoles during several winter hiking tours. Thanks to the chili-feet, a very comfortable climate was in the shoes. To know it in more details, I as well did some tests with only one chili-feet (in the other shoe, the original insole was in). The spread was substantial.

Mister A.R. as passionate Curling Sportsman from the Engadin wrote to us in December 2014 (a second time):
After having tested the chili-feet in door and as well in open air practicing curling and feeling with them a comforting warmth, my wife has tested them as well in normal Winter boots and in curling shoes. She is completely happy, as she had no cold toes anymore. I will distribute your flyers in the Curling office and recommend the chili-feet.

Mister A.R. as passionate Curling Sportsman from the Engadin wrote to us in December 2014:
I have tested the chili-feet in Scotland and as well in open air practicing curling: I felt a comforting warmth.

Swiss Army Captain C.R from F wrote us on December 1st, 2013:

Everyone who serves for the army, knows the problem with the army footwear. The leathery jackboots are in the summer too hot and – which is even worse – in the winter too cold. The wearing of thick socks is only a limited solution due to the limited space in the shoes and the problem of the cold feet remains.

During the last service in February in Bière I did an “Upgrade” of my jackboots with chili-feet and I was very excited. During long marches, short movements in the casern or any different exercises, the warmth was always noticeable. I had no any longer cold feet. Only during long staying and no movements no warmth was produced – which is logical – but the insulating effect remained. Totally convinced from the product I as well equipped my loafer with the thinner chili-feet.


Besides the warmth of the feet I specially estimated the utmost comfortable and smooth material of the chili-feet. Even jackboots become comfortable. In the meantime I wear the thinner version permanently in all my shoes – summer and winter –and I would not like to miss them.


Conclusion: An exciting product, absolutely recommendable for all army soldiers, outdoor-activists, or simply for all who like warm feet. The army should even think of supplying all soldiers with chili-feet according to the slogan “Keep the troop healthy”.


On 16.10.2013 Mrs. S. W. from F. wrote us enthusiasticly:
Yesterday the whole day working at the fair "Olma", thanks to chili-feet with warm feet. Juhui! To be honest, I cannot be anymore without chili-feet, at least in wintertime :-). I am very happy to have them tested.


Miss N. wrote us under the Synoym "Yuelin" on November 20, 2013:
A whole year I was travelling through Western Europe, half of it on your soles. I am a very excited carrier of your product. Normally my soles are after such an intensive and stressing period rubbed through. But your soles still make warm and are in a good shape.


12.12.12 Mrs. L from Z. wrote to us:
By the by I’m totally delighted about your outstanding service. Yesterday I placed the order, today it was delivered. Just phenomenal. And that’s why I need more right now because they make wonderful warm-feet-christmas-presents. Thank you so much.


10.12.12 Mrs. E.S. from Z. writes to us all enthusiastic:
I tried out the insoles this weekend, I am impressed and I will give them as a present to my relatives who have to work outside during winter! Just brilliant.


Mr. U.B. from O. overcame his scepticism by taking his own measurements (14.12.12):

As an engineer I’m always a bit sceptical towards new and highly praised products. For chili-feet I missed a direct comparison to a conventional warming insole. That’s why I decided to take matters in my own hands:

In the Landi I bought a thick felt insole (previously thought to be the best warming insole). In one shoe I put the felt insole and in the other the chili-feet insole. Like this I started the experiment when it was -7°C outside.

After 15 minutes of walking, right after taking off the shoes, I took a temperature reading using a non-contact laser thermometer: Felt insole 22.5°C and chili-feet insole 27.2°C!

After two hours I spent in a restaurant with shoes on, we made for the way back home. As soon as I arrived, I took another reading:

Felt insole 27.4°C and the chili-feet insole 32.0°C! Conclusion: The chili-feet warming insoles really work. They created a significantly higher temperature and are an ideal solution for all outdoor fans. Congratulations to the inventors!


Mr. S from Schaffhausen is delighted and wrote on the 20.12.12:

Dear chili-feet team,

I recently bought your product and I am delighted. After only some steps I already feel pleasant warmth under my feet. At first I was a bit sceptical as there are enough “awesome” products that ultimately don’t work at all, but not with chili-feet. I was positively surprised.
I used them in my working boots from the start and I wouldn’t want to miss these insoles anymore when it’s freezing cold outside. The short delivery time is also a plus point in my book. Many thanks.


Mrs R.S. extensively tested the 3mm chili-feet while hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, she wrote to us on the 21.12.12:

I’m absolutely thrilled!!! Not just during sports but also after! I’m the kind of person who feels cold toes very quickly. But now this really is old news! Furthermore I found, that the insoles have a warming effect more quickly than the 10 minutes you indicate. After only 4-5 minutes I already start to feel warm. Now this for once really is a useful invention against icicles on my feet. I can stand behind this a 100%!


Mrs. N from Z. was in Venedig during acqua alta in December 2012:

Venedig in winter is magical, but you’ll have to live with floodwaters...I used the chili-feet in my gumboots and with them I waded through the ice-cold water for hours. Initially sceptical I was convinced after only a couple of minutes. I really didn’t feel cold on my feet! Viva chili-feet!


Mr. K from S. is enthralled by the chili-feet insoles and states on the 15.01.2013:

I just got back from Prag with the chili-feet. With these warming insoles the sightseeing was quite enjoyable, even with the minus degrees outside. I can truly say that I never had cold feet! Great product which I will certainly recommend.


Mr. W.I. from A. writes to us as a biker and hiker on the 15.01.2013:

Between Christmas and New Year, when it was around 3-9°C outside I repeatedly went biking for about 1 ¼ hours each time. After this time my toes were cold. With the chili-feet insoles maybe a bit less than without them. Last weekend I went biking for around 1 ½ hours (it was around 0°C) and after my toes were ice-cold. The other day I tested on foot:
I was hiking on ice and snow to the Albishorn for 2 ½. My feet were warm.

chili-feet on foot: great warming effect, highly recommended!!
chili-feet for biking: not really a big warming effect, not recommendable.


Mr.G.W. from W. (Luxemburg) comments on his second order on the 15.01.2013:

Please deliver before next Tuesday. The pair delivered last week works perfectly. I had ordered the insoles for my wife, who always suffers from cold feet during winter. A 3 hour long walk at -5°C proved the effectiveness of the insoles. This pair now is for me. Next Wednesday we’re coming to Switzerland, to the Val d’Anniviers, to enjoy a couple of full-day alpine tours with snowshoes. That will be a lot more enjoyable with warm feet.


Recruit F.S. from Zürich writes to us on the 23.01.2013:

As a recruit I’m outside in every weather. I often had cold feet which is very uncomfortable as we are out in the cold a lot. Now I’m wearing my chili-feet and I’m very happy: no more cold feet! I can only advise my fellow recruits to order their own pair of chili-feet immediately.


Mr. C.H. from G. tells us on the 28.01.2013:

Over the weekend we were in the Engadin to see the Polo on Snow in St.Moritz. A good opportunity to test the chili-feet insoles. Because I quickly suffer from cold feet, I was especially keen on experiencing the heat production of these insoles. After only a short walk I already felt warm and my feet also didn’t get cold as quickly on the frozen Lake of St.Moritz. Yesterday we went on a quick walk of 5 km and I almost felt hot, so strong was the effect. The soles can only be recommended. The product keeps its promise.


Mrs. K.K. , a filmmaker, told us on facebook about a stay on the polar circle (22.02.2013):

70. degree of latitude, 01:30, -15°C, the insole works! Even under these extreme conditions chili-feet still works perfectly. But if you’re not moving around enough, even these soles get to their limit. The good thing is: with a short walk, chili-feet achieves to warm up even ice-cold toes in no time. Top!


Mr. P.D. from S. told us about ice-fishing in January 2013:

Equipped with chili-feet in my shoes I went ice-fishing in Kandersteg, a tradition among me and some of my friends. The temperatures went down to -20°C. While fishing at the ice hole I understandably got a bit cold at my feet, but by moving around the hole I managed to get warm again pretty quickly. And when afterwards we walked over the frozen lake to the log cabin I even felt hot. Thanks to chili-feet, cold feet are no longer an issue for me.


Mr. K.M from W. told us on the 06.04.2013 as a dog owner:

I’m a chili-feet user for almost 2 weeks now and I truly benefit from the insoles, especially with these abnormal, meteorologically extreme conditions so unlike spring. I can wholeheartedly attest that these soles provide exactly what I expect of them. Especially when I take our young dog for a walk or to dog school, I enjoy the pleasant warmth on my feet, which also has a positive influence on the body and mind in general. With these soles it’s possible to be outside longer. I wish you and your product all the best for the future.


Mrs. M.L. from O. sees a dream come true (Mai 2013):

You know what I dream of every winter? – No, not a mink fur coat, but warm feet. Thanks to chili-feet, last winter, this dream came true. I went walking with these magical soles through the ice-cold temperatures outside. Brilliant that the heat is only produced during walking, so you don’t start sweating while being inside, sitting or standing around (e.g. a restaurant, a museum, the cinema, a concert,...). I didn’t catch a cold once during this winter and who knows, maybe that’s all due to the chili-feet warming insoles.


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