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The enthusiastic backpacker / hiker and author Alexandra Tanbai has - before she startet her travel to the kilimanjaro - the chili-feet insole extensively tested and hence decided to take them as well on her way on the Kilimanjaro. Her expericences with the chili-feet and all around this trip can be read in the book "Kilimanjaro Uncovered: An Alternative Path to Bliss".

Following a little extract of the book:
"[...] I’ve tested my thick chili-feet insoles today [...] an awesome Swiss invention and – according to all my research – the warmest insoles currently on the market. [...]I simply tied my shoelaces a bit looser this morning, and these chili-feet worked so well I even forgot they were there. My feet felt cushy and warm during the entire hike. Yippee, no more need to worry about cold feet during summit night!"

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