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The Swiss high-tech warming Insoles

Unique qualities

Thanks to a special processing of the high-tech material polyurethane chili-feet warming insoles actively produce warmth from the pressure and release created by walking. In addition the chili-feet insoles are fitted with a smooth microfibre surface, which provides a nice and soft wearing comfort.

chili-feet warming insoles are suitable for anyone weighing more than 48 kilos.

We estimate a lifespan of around 1.5 million compressions. This corresponds to the distance from Zurich to Hamburg.

Impressive temperature rise

The temperatures rise of the 3mm/5mm chili-feet warming insoles were measured in a laboratory. Within 12 minutes the temperatures rose from 0°C to 5°/10°C.

Flexible and multifunctional utilisation

The chili-feet insoles can be cut and fit all types of shoes/boots from the size 35 to 47.

They are available in the size 3mm and 5mm. The 3mm chili-feet are mainly suitable for women’s court-shoes and men’s business shoes during transitional seasons of autumn and spring. The 5mm chili-feet insoles are suitable for leisure-, working- or other boots in winter at cold temperatures.

The chili-feet insoles can be washed at a maximum temperature of 30° C.


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