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Welcome to chili-feet – The Swiss high-tech warming insole!

From now on you’ll enjoy warm feet regardless of the temperatures outside, thanks to the innovative and unique high-tech warming insoles chili-feet. No matter if you spend your time in nature or if you’re working outside, chili-feet warms your feet with every step you take. An excellent overview of the chili-feet is given by this image film.

Did we catch your interest? Are you fed up with having cold feet during the cold months of the year? Have a look at our products or visit our online shop.  

Evelyne Binsack

In 2013, chili-feet accompanied Evelyne Binsack to Nepal. On her way to the Mount Everest, the adventurer and extremclimber was wearingchili-feet-insoles. Her opinion: „If it is cold „outside“, it should be warm on the „inside“ – chili-feet keep my feet warm, no matter where I am climbing.“





Simone Niggli Luder

Simone Niggli-Luder is since the autumn 2016 an official Partner of chili feet. She is a very famous Swiss orienteering athlete who has won 23 times the word championship. She relays completely on chili-feet ”The environmental friendly chili-feet do give me warmth during my extensive walking”. And she is adding: ”Thanks to chili-feet I will not lose orientation in future”.


Renzo Blumenthal

Renzo Blumenthal as the most famous farmer in Switzerland (ex Mister Switzerland in 2005) has worn the chili-feet for one winter season and he confirms: “ Since I have the chili-feet in my boots, I have not anymore cold feet”.



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